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[SND]01 - The Juice of the Grape by Sonia Bennett.mp32023-02-28 18:17 4240k
[SND]02 - Ballad of Eureka by Marg and Bob Fagan.mp32023-02-28 18:17 7224k
[SND]03 - Past Carin' by Margaret Walters.mp32023-02-28 18:17 5091k
[SND]04 - The Speewaa by John Broomhall.mp32023-02-28 18:17 4228k
[SND]05 - There was no Shame by Angela Phippen.mp32023-02-28 18:17 5443k
[SND]06 - The Wooer (poem) by Ron Brown.mp32023-02-28 18:17 7868k
[SND]07 - The Drover's Sweetheart by Chris Kemster and others.mp32023-02-28 18:17 6067k
[SND]08 - Signs of Change by Jill Stevens.mp32023-02-28 18:17 5816k
[SND]09 - Crimson by Catriona Meadows with Random Connection.mp32023-02-28 18:17 5443k
[SND]10 - Summertime in Sydney by Paul Moomoth.mp32023-02-28 18:17 4100k
[SND]11 - The Ebenezer Miner by Steven Roberts.mp32023-02-28 18:17 3821k
[SND]12 - The Road Home by Penny Davies and Roger Ilott.mp32023-02-28 18:17 2953k
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