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[SND]01 - Rising Of The Moon by Craig, Bill.mp32023-02-28 17:32 4628k
[SND]02 - The Sea Around Us by Theresa Duffy.mp32023-02-28 17:32 2916k
[SND]03 - Follow Me Up To Carlow by The Freemen.mp32023-02-28 17:32 2624k
[SND]04 - Marches Greenwalk Pomeroy The Rover by Malachy Doris.mp32023-02-28 17:32 4792k
[SND]05 - Famine Song by The Go Lucky 4.mp32023-02-28 17:32 4880k
[SND]06 - Tipperary So Far Away by Theresa Duffy.mp32023-02-28 17:32 3052k
[SND]07 - Legion Of The Rearguard by Flying Column.mp32023-02-28 17:32 4032k
[SND]08 - Connaught Ranger by Folkstones.mp32023-02-28 17:32 6420k
[SND]09 - God Save Ireland by Theresa Duffy.mp32023-02-28 17:32 2844k
[SND]10 - Lonely Wood Of Upton by The United Irishmen.mp32023-02-28 17:32 5260k
[SND]11 - Four Green Fields by Sean McGann.mp32023-02-28 17:32 5748k
[SND]12 - Three Flowers by Bridie Gallagher.mp32023-02-28 17:32 3224k
[SND]13 - The Song Of The Dawn by Flying Column.mp32023-02-28 17:32 3632k
[SND]14 - On The Raod To Sligo by Folkstones.mp32023-02-28 17:32 3644k
[SND]15 - Broad Black Brimmer by Terry O'Neill.mp32023-02-28 17:32 3920k
[SND]16 - James Connolly by Flying Column.mp32023-02-28 17:32 6240k
[SND]17 - Off To Dublin In The Green by Theresa Duffy.mp32023-02-28 17:32 3504k
[SND]18 - On The One Road by The United Irishmen.mp32023-02-28 17:32 4352k
[SND]19 - Ireland's Fight For Freedom by Folkstones.mp32023-02-28 17:32 3112k
[SND]20 - The Dying Rebel by The Flying Column.mp32023-02-28 17:32 5744k
[SND]21 - Irish Soldier Laddie by Denis Clancy.mp32023-02-28 17:32 4824k
[SND]22 - Dawning Of The Day (Raglan Road) by The Freemen.mp32023-02-28 17:32 2940k
[SND]23 - Skibbereen by Duffy, Theresa.mp32023-02-28 17:32 3288k
[SND]24 - Marches (Selection) O'Donnell AbuPomeroyCentenary March by Brian Boru Ce...2023-02-28 17:32 4768k
[SND]25 - Shall My Soul Pass Throgh Old Ireland by Bridie Gallagher.mp32023-02-28 17:33 5312k
[SND]26 - Show Me The Man by The Go Lucky 4.mp32023-02-28 17:33 4280k
[SND]27 - Down By The Glenside by Duffy, Theresa.mp32023-02-28 17:33 3440k
[SND]28 - The Patriot Game by The United Irishmen.mp32023-02-28 17:33 6748k
[SND]29 - The Boys Of Wexford by Theresa Duffy.mp32023-02-28 17:33 4196k
[SND]30 - Bold Robert Emmett by Anna Mcgoldrick.mp32023-02-28 17:33 4536k
[SND]31 - Its A Grand Oul Country by The Go Lucky 4.mp32023-02-28 17:33 2820k
[SND]32 - Tom Williams by The Flying Column.mp32023-02-28 17:33 5004k
[SND]33 - Enniskillen Dragoons by Folkstones.mp32023-02-28 17:33 4132k
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