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[SND]01 - White Collar Holler by Stan Rogers.mp32023-02-28 17:24 3539k
[SND]02 - HAL's Song by Neil Belsky and Vinnie Bartilucci.mp32023-02-28 17:24 3701k
[SND]03 - Please, Mr. Compatibility by Tom Payne.mp32023-02-28 17:24 4403k
[SND]04 - A Better Model Than The One At Data General by Tom Payne.mp32023-02-28 17:24 4539k
[SND]05 - Stuck Here by Frank Hayes.mp32023-02-28 17:24 2932k
[SND]06 - Threes by Frank Hayes.mp32023-02-28 17:24 5337k
[SND]07 - S-100 Bus by Frank Hayes.mp32023-02-28 17:25 3470k
[SND]08 - I'm A Mainframe, Baby by Bob Franke.mp32023-02-28 17:24 3855k
[SND]09 - Uncle Ernie's Used Computers' Babbage's Birthday Bargain Bash by Steve S...2023-02-28 17:25 2427k
[SND]10 - Mushrooms by Steve Savitsky.mp32023-02-28 17:25 4033k
[SND]11 - Engineer's Rap by Hard Drive.mp32023-02-28 17:25 7424k
[SND]12 - Killer-Byte Blues by Orrin Star.mp32023-02-28 17:25 4025k
[SND]13 - Do It Yourself by Bill Sutton.mp32023-02-28 17:25 5193k
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[IMG]hayes.png2011-12-26 19:27 73k
[IMG]orrin star.jpg2011-12-26 19:31 6k
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[IMG]stanrogers.jpg2011-12-26 19:23 6k
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