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[SND]01 - Blackbirds And Thrushes by Dickie Lashbrook.mp32023-02-28 17:14 1596k
[SND]02 - JeannieThe Bonny Wee Lassie Who Never Said No by Jennie Robertson.mp32023-02-28 17:14 2888k
[SND]03 - Bundle And Go by Johnny Doherty.mp32023-02-28 17:14 1608k
[SND]04 - Blow The Candle Out by Jimmy Gilhaney.mp32023-02-28 17:14 2592k
[SND]05 - The Foggy Dew by Phil Hammond.mp32023-02-28 17:14 5208k
[SND]06 - Toorn - A Ma Goon by Jimmy McBeath.mp32023-02-28 17:14 844k
[SND]07 - Rolling In The Ryegrass by Paddy Taylor.mp32023-02-28 17:14 1560k
[SND]08 - The Jolly Tinker by Michael Gorman.mp32023-02-28 17:14 2240k
[SND]09 - The Jolly Tinker by Thomas Moran.mp32023-02-28 17:14 2760k
[SND]10 - The Long Peggin' Awl by Harry Cox.mp32023-02-28 17:14 2944k
[SND]11 - The Thrashing Machine by Annie O'Neil.mp32023-02-28 17:15 2768k
[SND]12 - Up To The Rigs Of London Town by Charlie Wills.mp32023-02-28 17:15 3172k
[SND]13 - The New Mown Hay by William Rew.mp32023-02-28 17:15 5084k
[SND]14 - The Overgate by Belle Steward & Hamish Henderson.mp32023-02-28 17:15 5328k
[SND]15 - Rolling In The Dew by George Maynard.mp32023-02-28 17:15 6448k
[SND]16 - She Is A Rum One by Jeannie Robertson.mp32023-02-28 17:15 3916k
[SND]17 - The Knife In The Window by Harry Cox.mp32023-02-28 17:15 3384k
[SND]18 - The Cunning Cobbler by George Spicer.mp32023-02-28 17:15 5284k
[SND]19 - The Nutting Girl by Cyril Poacher.mp32023-02-28 17:15 3348k
[SND]20 - The Magpie's Nest by Annie Jane Kelly.mp32023-02-28 17:15 3856k
[SND]21 - Dublin City by Seamus Ennis.mp32023-02-28 17:15 1592k
[SND]22 - The Orkney Style Of Courtship by John Findlater.mp32023-02-28 17:15 2208k
[SND]23 - The Light Drago'n by Harry List.mp32023-02-28 17:15 2384k
[SND]24 - The Cuckoo's Nest by Jeannie Robertson & Sean Maguire.mp32023-02-28 17:15 3436k
[SND]25 - Twa 'n' Twa (The Cuckoo's Nest) by John Strachan.mp32023-02-28 17:15 1176k
[SND]26 - The Soldier And The Lady by Fred & Ray Cantwell.mp32023-02-28 17:15 7532k
[SND]27 - Behind The Bush In The Garden by Seamus Ennis.mp32023-02-28 17:15 3076k
[SND]28 - Never Wed a' Auld Man by Jeannie Robertson.mp32023-02-28 17:15 2616k
[SND]29 - The Maid Of Australia by Harry Cox.mp32023-02-28 17:15 4316k
[SND]30 - The Merchant's Son And The Beggar Wench by Davie Steward.mp32023-02-28 17:15 5000k
[SND]31 - The Bold English Navy by Lal Smith.mp32023-02-28 17:15 3068k
[SND]32 - Firelock Stile by Harry Cox.mp32023-02-28 17:15 3272k
[SND]33 - The Wind Blew The Bonny Lassie's Plaidie Awa' by Jimmy McBeth, Duncan Bu...2023-02-28 17:15 1936k
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