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[SND]01 - Green T-Shirt Blues by Saul Broudy.mp32023-02-28 16:25 2498k
[SND]02 - Grunt by Bill Ellis.mp32023-02-28 16:25 3935k
[SND]03 - Six Clicks by Chuck Rosenberg.mp32023-02-28 16:25 3252k
[SND]04 - Saigon Warrior by Saul Brody, Robin Thomas.mp32023-02-28 16:25 4632k
[SND]05 - First Cav by Bill Ellis.mp32023-02-28 16:25 3841k
[SND]06 - Ho Chi Minh Trail by Toby Hughes, Saul Broudy, Chuck Rosenberg, Robin Th...2023-02-28 16:25 4253k
[SND]07 - The Panther Pack is ProwlingLing Po Drove the Truck Away by Chip Dockery...2023-02-28 16:25 2563k
[SND]08 - King of the Trail by Chip Dockery.mp32023-02-28 16:25 2297k
[SND]09 - Tchepone by Toby Hughes, Chuck Rosenberg, Robin Thomas.mp32023-02-28 16:25 5885k
[SND]10 - Sitting in the Cab of My Truck by Chip Dockery.mp32023-02-28 16:25 3179k
[SND]11 - Ba Muoi Ba by Chuck Rosenberg, Bill Ellis.mp32023-02-28 16:25 2631k
[SND]12 - Pull the Boom from the Gas Hole by Dick Jonas, Chuck Rosenberg, Robin Th...2023-02-28 16:25 4211k
[SND]13 - Jolly Green by Bull Durham, Saul Broudy, Robin Thomas, Tom Price.mp32023-02-28 16:25 2805k
[SND]14 - Cobra Seven by Toby Hughes, Saul Broudy, Chuck Rosenberg, Tom Price, Rob...2023-02-28 16:25 4905k
[SND]15 - Green Beret and Friendly FAC by Chuck Rosenberg, Tom Price, Robin Thomas...2023-02-28 16:25 6401k
[SND]16 - Firefight by Bill Ellis.mp32023-02-28 16:25 3529k
[SND]17 - Will There Be a Tomorrow by Dick Jonas, Bill Ellis, Chuck Rosenberg, Rob...2023-02-28 16:25 5036k
[SND]18 - I've Been Everywhere by Chip Dockery.mp32023-02-28 16:25 2711k
[SND]19 - Here I Sit by Saul Broudy.mp32023-02-28 16:25 1877k
[SND]20 - Danang Lullaby by Bull Durham, Saul Broudy, Tom Price, Robin Thomas, and...2023-02-28 16:25 3919k
[SND]21 - Fighter Pilot's Christmas by Dick Jonas, Saul Broudy, Chuck Rosenberg, R...2023-02-28 16:25 4041k
[SND]22 - Chu Yen by Saul Broudy, Tom Price, Robin Thomas.mp32023-02-28 16:25 3294k
[SND]23 - Boonie Rat Song by Chuck Rosenberg.mp32023-02-28 16:25 5217k
[SND]24 - Battle Hymn of the River Rats by Dick Jonas.mp32023-02-28 16:25 3517k
[SND]25 - Crack Went the Rifle by Bull Durham, Saul Broudy, Tom Price, Robin Thoma...2023-02-28 16:25 5053k
[SND]26 - Freedom Bird by Bill Ellis.mp32023-02-28 16:25 4437k
[SND]27 - Played Around and Stayed Around Vietnam Too Long by Chuck Rosenberg, Sau...2023-02-28 16:25 4942k
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[IMG]saul.png2011-12-25 15:09 126k
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