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[SND]01 When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman.mp32021-04-13 08:53 4176k
[SND]02 Sylvia's Mother.mp32021-04-13 08:53 5372k
[SND]03 The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan.mp32021-04-13 08:53 5528k
[SND]04 A Little Bit More (Single Version).mp32021-04-13 08:53 4576k
[SND]05 More Like The Movies.mp32021-04-13 08:53 5208k
[SND]06 If Not You.mp32021-04-13 08:53 4504k
[SND]07 Knowing She's There.mp32021-04-13 08:53 4868k
[SND]08 I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight.mp32021-04-13 08:53 4700k
[SND]09 Better Love Next Time.mp32021-04-13 08:53 4232k
[SND]10 Sexy Eyes.mp32021-04-13 08:53 4920k
[SND]11 You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance.mp32021-04-13 08:53 3236k
[SND]12 Baby Makes My Blue Jeans Talk.mp32021-04-13 08:53 5272k
[SND]13 The Cover Of The Rolling Stone.mp32021-04-13 08:53 4080k
[SND]14 The Millionaire.mp32021-04-13 08:53 4260k
[SND]15 Carry Me Carrie.mp32021-04-13 08:53 6124k
[SND]16 Wild Colonial Boy.mp32021-04-13 08:53 6288k
[SND]17 In Over My Head.mp32021-04-13 08:53 5148k
[SND]18 Girls Can Get It.mp32021-04-13 08:53 4640k
[SND]19 Sharing The Night Together.mp32021-04-13 08:53 4144k
[SND]20 Sleeping Late.mp32021-04-13 08:53 4504k
[SND]21 A Couple More Years.mp32021-04-13 08:53 4408k
[SND]22 Stuck On The Wrong Side Of Love.mp32021-04-13 08:53 4204k
[SND]23 Years From Now.mp32021-04-13 08:53 4608k
[IMG]AlbumArtSmall.jpg2015-09-17 16:18 8k
[IMG]Cover.jpg2008-01-11 01:11 8k
[IMG]folder.jpg2015-09-17 16:18 20k
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