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[SND]01 Take Me Back to Tulsa.mp32021-04-13 08:42 3872k
[SND]02 Ten Years.mp32021-04-13 08:42 4104k
[SND]03 Always Out There.mp32021-04-13 08:42 4600k
[SND]04 Beaumont Rag.mp32021-04-13 08:42 3872k
[SND]05 Osage Stomp.mp32021-04-13 08:42 4388k
[SND]06 Blue Yodel #1.mp32021-04-13 08:42 3496k
[SND]07 Blue Bonnet Lane.mp32021-04-13 08:42 3696k
[SND]08 Spanish Two Step.mp32021-04-13 08:42 4200k
[SND]09 Basin Street Blues.mp32021-04-13 08:42 4368k
[SND]10 My Life's Been a Pleasure.mp32021-04-13 08:42 3528k
[SND]11 San Antonio Rose.mp32021-04-13 08:42 3744k
[SND]12 I'm a Ding Dong Daddy.mp32021-04-13 08:42 3536k
[SND]13 Got a Letter from My Kid.mp32021-04-13 08:42 3640k
[SND]14 William Tell.mp32021-04-13 08:42 4012k
[SND]15 My Window Faces the South.mp32021-04-13 08:42 3272k
[SND]16 Crippled Turkey.mp32021-04-13 08:42 3972k
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