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[SND]01 - Lachlan Tigers by The Bushwackers.mp32023-02-28 15:10 4612k
[SND]02 - Click Go The Shears by The Sundowners.mp32023-02-28 15:10 4220k
[SND]03 - Lazy Harry's by The Colonials.mp32023-02-28 15:10 4124k
[SND]04 - The Overlanders by Ants Bush Band.mp32023-02-28 15:10 4376k
[SND]05 - Lime Juice Tub by The Bushwackers.mp32023-02-28 15:10 3252k
[SND]06 - Bound For Botany Bay by The Sundowners.mp32023-02-28 15:10 4092k
[SND]07 - Widgeegoweera Joe by The Colonials.mp32023-02-28 15:10 4380k
[SND]08 - All For Me Grog by Ants Bush Band.mp32023-02-28 15:11 4124k
[SND]09 - Nancy, Portsmouth, Sailors Hornpipe by Wombat's Bush Band.mp32023-02-28 15:11 4820k
[SND]10 - And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda by The Bushwackers.mp32023-02-28 15:11 8964k
[SND]11 - Stringybark Creek by The Sundowners.mp32023-02-28 15:11 5188k
[SND]12 - The Maranoa Drovers by The Colonials.mp32023-02-28 15:11 5804k
[SND]13 - 1000 Miles Away by Ants Bush Band.mp32023-02-28 15:11 3036k
[SND]14 - Augathela Station by The Bushwackers.mp32023-02-28 15:11 6252k
[SND]15 - Black Velvet Band-Wild Rover by The Sundowners.mp32023-02-28 15:11 5664k
[SND]16 - Waltzing Matilda by The Colonials.mp32023-02-28 15:11 3904k
[SND]17 - Waves Of Troy by Ants Bush Band.mp32023-02-28 15:11 3816k
[SND]18 - Gallopede, Nut Brown Maiden, Bobby Shatoe, Rakes Of Mallow, Pat Horgan 1...2023-02-28 15:11 5184k
[SND]19 - Flash Jack From Gundagai by The Bushwackers.mp32023-02-28 15:11 3968k
[SND]20 - The Ryebuck Shearer by The Sundowners.mp32023-02-28 15:11 4624k
[SND]21 - The Ballad Of Ben Hall by The Cobbers.mp32023-02-28 15:11 4840k
[SND]22 - Drover's Dream by The Sundowners.mp32023-02-28 15:11 2116k
[SND]23 - Clancy Of The Overflow by The Bushwackers.mp32023-02-28 15:11 4496k
[SND]24 - Put A Light In Every Country Window by The Colonials.mp32023-02-28 15:11 3044k
[SND]25 - Poor Ned by Ants Bush Band.mp32023-02-28 15:11 6288k
[SND]26 - Travelling Down The Old Castlereagh by The Cobbers.mp32023-02-28 15:11 5668k
[SND]27 - Old Bullock Dray by The Sundowners.mp32023-02-28 15:11 3340k
[SND]28 - The Flying Pieman by The Bushwackers.mp32023-02-28 15:11 6740k
[SND]29 - Queensland Whalers by The Colonials.mp32023-02-28 15:11 6124k
[SND]30 - Maggie May by Ants Bush Band.mp32023-02-28 15:11 3460k
[SND]31 - Bushland Music Dreaming by The Cobbers.mp32023-02-28 15:11 4560k
[SND]32 - The Pub With No Beer by The Sundowners.mp32023-02-28 15:11 3296k
[SND]33 - Billy Of Tea by The Bushwackers.mp32023-02-28 15:11 5436k
[SND]34 - Reedy River by The Colonials.mp32023-02-28 15:11 6384k
[SND]35 - The Man From Snowy River by Ants Bush Band.mp32023-02-28 15:11 6420k
[SND]36 - The Streets Of Forbes by The Cobbers.mp32023-02-28 15:11 4336k
[SND]37 - Tie Me Kangaroo Down by The Sundowners.mp32023-02-28 15:11 3608k
[SND]38 - Van Dieman's Land by The Bushwackers.mp32023-02-28 15:12 6716k
[SND]39 - The Whale by Ants Bush Band.mp32023-02-28 15:12 4036k
[SND]40 - Shores Of Australia by The Cobbers.mp32023-02-28 15:12 4368k
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